Open Palette of 27 Paintings - Oil on wood and canvas. 27 x 40 x 18 in. 2023

Spoken, Spoken, Spoken
Oil on canvas and found objects. 30x19x5 in. 2023

Marina and 2 x 4 GarceĢs
Oil, watercolor, and color pencil on paper and found objects. 27x20x4 in. 2023

Twice RemovedĀ 
Oil and marker on canvas and wood. 62x30x4 in. 2023

The Brochure
Watercolor, oil paint, and color pencil on wood. 38x19x8 in. 2023

It was a Negotiation on Plywood
Oil on linen and found objects.
26 x 26 x 7 in. 2023

Oil on wood. 42 x 11 x 9 in. 2023

Watercolor and oil on laminated paper and found objects. 6"x13"x9" 2023

Ten Years
Ink on paper, ballpoint pen on paper, and found objects. 11"x14"x9" 2023

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